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WMB winners in the first phase of the Biofoam Insulation Challenge

Finding innovative ways to develop everyday products is key to reducing our environmental footprint and meeting our climate change commitments. The Government of Canada is collaborating with small businesses to reduce pollution and help create a greener, more sustainable environment for everyone.

Paul Lefebvre, Parliamentary Secretary to the Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, today announced a $300,000 investment in the first phase of the Biofoam Insulation Challenge, aimed at developing greener insulation products from forest residues.

The investment will be split between two recipients whose concepts are comparable in price and performance to traditional insulations, are bio-based (predominantly derived from domestic forest residue), fully recyclable and generate fewer emissions during production. The recipients are:

  • Mecanum Inc., based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, which is developing a thermo-acoustic foam insulation panel using a minimum of 60 percent kraft lignin, a wood pulp component used to generate energy.

  • Western Maple Bio Resources Inc., based in London, Ontario, which is using pine sawdust and forest residue to develop a biofoam made with more than 70 percent bio-content.

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