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Biobased formaldehyde-free wood adhesive

Most of the wood adhesives currently on the market are formaldehyde-based adhesives (UF, MUF, PF) which account for more than 80% of the total volume, unavoidably associated with release of formaldehyde - a carcinogenic compound. Unfortunately there is no ideal replacement for them at the moment. The formaldehyde-free wood adhesives presently available on the market are polyisocyanates and soy bean protein-based adhesives, but they are either very costly or suffer from poor water/moisture resistance, so hard to occupy market.

Therefore, cost-competitive high-performance formaldehyde-free adhesives, in particular formaldehyde-free adhesives derived from renewable resources, will have great promise in wood panel industry!

WMB’s patent-pending Biobased formaldehyde-free wood adhesives are derived from forestry/agricultural biomass/residues. The adhesives are not only formaldehyde-free, with superb water/moisture resistance, but also are of a lower cost if compared with polyisocyanates and soy bean protein-based adhesives or PF adhesive. The adhesives proves to be applicable in manufacture of a variety of wood panels such as particle/fiber boards, plywood, OSB, etc., which would transform the wood products into greener products with zero formaldehyde emission.







WMB is currently at the stage of scale-up test, and we welcome business cooperation

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