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New Vinyl Ether

Production Technology

Production of Multi-Functional Polyether Vinyl Ethers

Vinyl ethers with electron rich character can copolymerize readily with most of vinyl monomers that are electron deficient. When being used as diluents for UV curable coatings or adhesives, Multi-Functional Polyether Vinyl Ethers (MF-PEVE) have much higher reactivity with a shorter curing time, which can be applied not only in radical polymerization system, but also in cationic polymerization system such as epoxy resins. WMB has developed a highly efficient catalytic process for continuous production of MF-PEVE to minimize the safety issues associated with acetylene use. WMB’s technology produces a variety of MF-PEVE products at a lower cost with different functionality and molecular weights that can be applied in solvent-free products and waterborne coatings.

3D Print

3D Print

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